My View On Love is Mostly DisgustMature

this is exactly what it says it is, for once that is.

i apologize if it seems too bitter, i was honestly trying to be somewhat funny c:

my view on love is rather hard to digest,

but i promise i'l try my hardest not to digress

from the topic at hand,

but you see this is somewhat hard for me.

love is not something

im good at.

see my view on love must be a little distorted,

a little rusted,

because for me love just cant be trusted.

the first time a boy's "i love you"

fell upon my ears,

i was fighting back tears.

his hands down my shirt,

and traveling up my skirt,

this memory is why i hate riding the bus,

and traveling roads filled with lust,

this is why im scared of love.

the first time an "i love you" escaped from my lips,

i was with a boy somewhere much like this,

backroads to hearts too alone and who had forgot

that there are good people hidden in the weeds of existence.

the first time i said "i love you" to a boy 

he turned around and left me face down in a heartbroken cloud dust,

a secret poetic healing for a prisoner of war.

you see,

my view on love must be more than fucked up,

because cupid is one fat bastard with arrows sharp as any sword,

his aim isnt worth his own weight in shit,

he is just a boy with a dangerous toy,

his arrows can pierce the strongest of armor,

can tear the walls of the most guardeed heart in two,

cupid is one sick bastard,

a humorless insomaniac waiting to screw with you.

see, my view on love is quite angry,

red hot, burning to the touch,

its best if you just never bring such a thing as love up,

i cant stand the sight of that four letter word,

that three word sentence is so cliche,

its quite obsolete of taste,

ive had enough of you gawd dammit,

love you must find your own place!

stop using me as target practice,cupid,

before i hunt you down and smash in your face,

and because of this viciousness,

im quite sure my view on love mus be a little misplaced.

because you see,

i also know love is a thing of beauty,

a soft gentle kiss to erase the pain of past's memories,

i know love has also been my bestfriend,

and that once upon a time i refused to let anything but love in,

so dont get me wrong,

there are and will be times when me and love get along.

oh,but there is more to dicuss,

but if its quite simply put,

(just to make a longer story a little bit short)

my view on love is mostly disgust.

The End

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