My View is Everything

I feel as if i’m knowledgeable.

Solely 15 years young, but my maturation aspires.

I’m bound to be a virtue of class & integrity,

While my world retains prominence.

The thoughts inside my head are all have.

So i accept the things i can not change;

Like the addiction that seized my loved ones into a choke hold,

Or the hatred i believed, that protruded from strangers.

And now my view is my everything,

and it is vivid and sustained by morality,

but broken morals are what make me.

These strangers break me down, and rip me apart.

I set myself up as a seal, and its simple, i’m swimming with sharks.

But the chunks bitten out of me are not gone forever,

All of my pain comes back in, making me stronger than ever.

I was raised by angry individuals,

So i lost my mind awhile back.

But i picked myself up and got back on track.

And my eyes are as wide as the moon.

A vertex of bravery, prominence, virtue, and knowledge have cascaded my brain.

They get sucked into my hands and end up on paper,

Atop a thin material, coming from my mind.

What do you know about words?

Because, my slightest arrangement projects the strongest feeling.

So you tell what i am through my words and thoughts,

Not by what i look like.

The End

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