My Very First Broken Poem

My Very First Broken Poem


It all began when I said, I will free my mind

Be with you and leave my past behind

I thought I can simply go with the flow

I even said, I do not care wherever I may go


You  stole my heart from someone else’s cage

I thought my life is ready to start for a new page

That certain feeling I simply didn’t hide

It rained when we sang baby… you and I collide


I thought the rain wasn’t so bad after all

For I felt more love as the raindrops fall

So I looked up into the sky

Kissed the tingling drops that made me sigh


You told me about the birds having the same flocks

On my head, our memories, together, you knocks

You’ve said we both have the same kind of feather

So we must live and be free to fly together


We both waited long enough for that day that never came

We woke up from that dream but who am I or you to blame

Till now I’m here still having the same feeling, I wait, beg and cry

But you’re gone now, but at least, in you, I’ve once felt the sky


The End

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