My true love...Family

Family....This is a boon. This is a poem dedicated to all families, small or big, happy or not so happy, busy or crazy.

I said to my wife, “Let’s not have the baby, sweetheart”

Unaware that these words would make our love fall apart

She was saying to me happily that she was pregnant

And I was there being totally arrogant.

I held hard and shouted,”My decision is final. NO!”

An amicable word I wished to hear and know.

She gave me a hurt look and said, “Let’s divorce.”

My heart did hurt when she decided to end our love’s course


I couldn’t do anything or say

The price for my selfish decision I have to pay


Two years after my love took my life with her

I was left with nothing but a beard and beer.

Without a reason to be in this ugly world

I was once roaming on the streets in the night’s cold.

I saw her, my love, who was happy and unaffected

I thought that she had found the perfect guy she deserved.

I walked towards her, closer and near.

Even when I was engulfed by an unknown fear

I couldn’t look into those eyes

I had hurt her many times, not just once, twice or thrice


I found in her hands a bundle of joy

In whose hands was a pretty toy

I extended my arms towards her to receive my daughter

And my baby jumped happily into the arms of her father

By her childish giggle, I was mesmerised

In that instant I knew that she was our precious possession, highly priced

I looked at my love standing there and watching as with a teary smile

A path through my cheeks, my tears did trail

I realised that my true love was not just my wife, but my daughter as well – my family.

I extended my other hand towards my wife, which she took happily

The End

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