My Train To Home

Trying and failing to escape the sins and ghosts of your past, and feeling that there is no way to atone for what you've done

I’ll take the ghosts of all my journeys

In the suitcase with me as I wait for the train

I’ll return to the land where I made my dreams and hopes

Am I happy or afraid to be homeward bound again?


I’m accompanied by the scars of my troubles

The physical and the ethereal bury themselves deep in my skin

Restless sleep follows horrid dreams

In the end, there’s forgiveness for all sins

Except perhaps for mine


Staring out of the window

My reflection shows flaws and fire in foreign lands

What is there to run from?

But the blood of others that stain my hands


There they are, rolling hills and plains

My homecoming announced in shimmering sun

The echo of footsteps announces my arrival

Maybe I can rest now; maybe my war is truly over

When everything has been said and done


Ready to sleep but peace alludes me still

Ready to lay in darkness but memories follow

Will I find a solution or must I suppress the dark

Will I forever be soulless, godless, eternally hollow?

The End

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