My Time To Die

Its pretty self explanatory.

i want to die

But my decision was a little late

I meet someone unstable

Theyve decieded My fate

Its a little odd

But she wont let go

I think she deserves to live

So ill just keep my head low

But then something happened

She began to get sick

She said she was dying

My hope ran out quick

She gone and its my time

I will not be stopped 

I find the tallest building

And ascend to the top

No one should feel bad

This was my choice

They say think before you act

They say to use your voice

But i dont listen to others

Im not very smart

And this is why

They crushed my heart

The hourglass is empty 

I think ill try to fly

Please dont mourn me

Its just time for me to die

The End

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