My Time Is Running

You may cast your eyes with great delight
upon emerald trees and azure skies
And clouds that block out coal black night
and listen to wolf's lonely cries

No joy do I take in such visage as
any I could ever find, in life and sight
Or even feel and touch, as this world has
lost true beauty. It's problems reach new heights

For trees are never everlasting, one day each
will fall. Why they call some evergreen I do
not know. For a better, truer life I reach,
with beat of weary heart. Each breath I take anew

But not a beat, not hearts thud, but a tick. You   
open my ribcage and find a clock, antique I guess
worth more in age than in worth and use, no jewles
encrusted there. The tick slows I must confess

my time is running out

The End

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