My thoughts

As I lay my head on my pillow during night
The first thing I think about is you,and the second thing I do is look at the moon
I stare at the circular shape and with one gaze,I see all the times we've had within
Your love hurt me,yet it made me strong and thought me what love is like
Your absence somehow makes me a stronger person
And your presence makes me fall in love a little harder
The questions that always cross my mind are,do you ever think about me?
Do you love me like you say you actually do?
It will bring deep pain in my heart if it's all a lie,but reality is reality
As much as I've been hurt by you in the past,I for some reason still go on loving you
Crazy,I am but you can't throw away love because lies beneath everyone's heart
If you were my first then nothing will ever compare to it
Because I won't find someone who makes me feel the most happiest person alive as you did
I, now will shut my eyes for the night and end my words here
But not just yet,too many memories with you makes me express these feelings a tad more

The End

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