My Testimony

Arms spread

Heart opened wide

Feet apart

Eyes set

As my soul glides

Crowd cheering

Songs etched in my ear

Waiting for the glimpse of hope

That is overthrown by fear

Will I feel him?

Will he soak through my skin?

Will I be saved?

Will I be born again?

Closed eyes

As the weight sets in

Something is happening

My air feels thin

Booming echoes are pronounced in my ear

Head churning

A faint whisper I hear

Blocking the distinct sound that is imprinted in my ears

 Voices are clutched at every sound they make

Lights are dimmed as the ground shakes

As my arms are high up in the air

I become enamored with what appears

I see the light

Time stands still

I feel his presence

I know it’s real

A tear falls from my gleaming face

Breathe panting at an unbeatable pace 

I turn to my friend

And pull her aside

Tell her the spirit is with me

And that it is inside

I hold my hands high up to the sky

Giving myself to him

And knowing why

And all the weight

And guilt, and shame

Was gone from me

And I was born again!

This is my Testimony!




The End

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