My Tear Full of Smile

This is mainly about the guy I like, He is just like this, and that is some of the many reasons why I like him. I probably could never write them all down. Yet I've always wanted to make a poem about him to me, even if he doesn't know how much he has helped me keep going in life.

I will clench my teeth

I will hold this tear

I will smile even brighter

For you my dear

You make me smile

Until my cheeks hurt

The pain is worthwhile

Since all the sorrow is gone

Something just had

Made my day

When I looked around

I realized you had passed my way

I have always wondered

If you know

That my heart flutters

When ever I see you

Sometimes I have to

Walk away

Hide my tears

And pretend I am okay

You seem to find me

Asking what's wrong

At my worse state

Soon all my sorrow doesn't belong

I will catch my tear

For you my dear

The End

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