My Sweet Sarah

She says her name is Sarah,

she plays the baritone saxophone.

She says she don't mind company,

but she'd rather be left alone.

She wears lace dresses and beat up shoes,

but doesn't tie her laces, she's just too cool.

My sweet Sarah

play me a lonely melody,

on an instrument that's almost as tall as she.

My sweet Sarah

would never want me there,

watching her upon the stage

but when she goes, she smiles my way.

She says she doesn't need anyone,

but makes me carry her sax a ton.

I trail around after her like a lost puppy,

and she laughs at me, but it's worth it to see her happy.

She doesn't smile much these days,

she says her teeth get in the way.

My sweet Sarah

she'd kill me if she knew I cared.

She's convinced that she don't need nobody out there.

My sweet Sarah

a rock star disguised as a band geek.

She'd murder me if she knew I knew

she secretly likes me.

She says nothing but soft sounds,

her shoes are on, but her dress is puddled on the ground.

In this romantic candle light,

we make love on a jazzy night.

She tells me not to think this means anything

and I nod and know she'll win.

My sweet Sarah

her soul too tall for her body.

I loved her before she ever heard of me.

My sweet Sarah

not as tough as she seems

turns out she's a hopeless lover

just like me.

She says she won't come to my show,

she hates guitar and rock music so.

Too much of a melancholy snob

to ever be caught in the mob

of screaming fans and yelling kids,

but I know in the back row she has hid.

So my sweet Sarah

here is your sweet melody.

You had me from the moment you wanted to be rid of me.

My sweet Sarah

play your saxophone if you please,

and I'll strum along, you'll see

we could be something beautiful

just you and me.

The End

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