My Sweet Child of God And Rhyme

My sweet child of God and Rhyme
A wonder and parable told
In seized moments of experience
and grand imaginings.
Can I know your soul
and free thinking.
Who do you pray too
these child prayers of heaven.
In your short lived truths.
Always running to become.
yet you do not burden with them
In childlike wisdom
you wonder
Is freedom not walked in bare feet
A shiny stone a child secret
that he might joy for the first time
and bless the Angel with song.
These deeper things of heaven for the child
And when you giggle and stir in adult places
and fear that furrowed brow
a reflection of adult spankings
and forbodings from the Gods of adulthood
Would you bow your head and the Angel
of innocense keep you hidden from these glimpses
of adult justice.
Or she bow her head in wait of you
In this adult world.
Where laughter appears forbidden
a curse of the aged hardened heart.
In this the Angel beckons you
Continue to walk across your stones
picking up snakes and scorpions
and then sleep a peaceful sleep
upon your bed of faith.
While you dream your forever dreams of change.
Inside a fortress built from a plain cardboard box,
This is your hour and song in celebration
But would you grow to rebel and the Angel
step back along the sidelines.
Cheering you in a song of encourgment
when your truths are not heard in purity
and shared heart.
But misunderstood by a pretentiousnous
a child has yet to idientify
These adult fears of heaven passing them by
For this reason you are called to throw open heavens
gates, inviting all without hatred and malice
as only seen to the child of God and Rhyme

The End

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