My SunshineMature

This is something I wrote while waiting for my sonogram appointment. It's a poem to my unborn child.

I've got a belly full of sunshine

That the world still can't see

I've got so much planned for you 

I hope I do this right

See, I never had to be responsible for something so fragile

I can see this is God's way of saving my life

See sunshine,

Before you shone into my life

I was like a shipwreck, slowly drowning

Piece by piece 

Into alcoholism and sex

Before you shone into my life

I was selfish and mean

I know you're probably cringing at hearing this

But sunshine, there is nothing better than honesty

I can't tell you how terrified I was when I found out you were here

I thought I wasn't capable

And your father didn't love me

So I thought I'd turn off your light

And maybe my heart wouldn't ache anymore

But the more I thought of it

The more my heart ached

Because I'd look down at my hands 

And wonder if you'd have my hands or daddy's

Sunshine, it breaks my heart to tell you

When I told your daddy, he wasn't happy

I think it's because he hasn't seen you shine the way I have

Just wait until he sees you

I don't promise you this

But just in case his heart is too cold and his eyes are too blind

To see and feel your beautiful magnitude

Find comfort in knowing I love you

More than you'll probably understand

Sunshine, you restored my heart

And gave me life again

My beautiful little sunshine

You have me forever

The End

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