My Summer NightsMature

Sitting at the table with brother

And sister amongst the smoke and beer.

 Pervading, sits love and grudge, windows

And doors, blood and bonds, and outside the wind.

Oh wind, longing to blow a gale, in due time

You can bellow through us like you want.


I disregard others when I want.

Like a sulking leaf, without a brother.

Lineage of branches reaching through time.

So I prepare for my ascent, leaving my beer

And empty glasses. I see the door, hear the wind.

Lights from a passersby through windows.


Like captive animals behind windows

The driver looks in at us. I want

To disregard him but he feels the wind.

I know he yearns for his brother.

Nostalgic, eager for blood and beer

He leaves us, that passerby, passing time.


 Rising wind, writhing tree, pause in time,

Laughter from inside I hear through windows.

The wind contorts the tree. Tasting beer,

I disregard others when I want:

Blood, bonds, friends, lovers, sister, and brother.

I witness a leaf, claimed by the wind.


I feel it, but can’t see the wind.

I feel my presence with them, at this time.

“Be a leaf, not the wind. Be that brother,”

I tell myself. Glancing at them through windows.

I need to love others when they want

Yet, I see empty glasses of beer.


 I cast aside my smoke and beer.

Numerous leaves relieved by the wind

And I fail to disregard them like I want.

They can feel me, I’m with them all the time

From either side of these windows.

One day, autumn wind, make me a brother.


Full glass of beer, empty with time.

Unkempt windows, broken, inviting wind.

I think I know what you want, dear brother.



The End

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