My SuicideMature

This is a poem I wrote earlier this year, it was an attempt at suicide. It may seem I was saved from someone physically alive but really, I stopped myself. I am thinking if I'll be accepted into Heaven. Then reality hit me: I HAVE to stop or I'll lose everything!

I lay pouring out every bit of crimson betrayal

It numbs me to the grave

Descent too extreme for me to be saved

Will I again be denied?


Nothing can stop it, not even tourniquets

I die for deliverance

My soul seeks for six feet under

Pressure building up on my chest

Will I be accepted?

Whispers in the fading black

My shoulders are shaking

My vision blurry and unfocused

Morphed screams boom in my low hearing

Everything moving is slower

I’m being yanked from the warm liquids

I’m rested on the tile floors

My eyes heavy as lead

Neck sore from the full tub

Pressure on wrists and arms

Air comes through my throat and into lungs

I am reclined, broken and naked

Shouts ramming my drums

My throat and mouth intensely burns

My suicide

The End

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