My Suicidal Nightlife


I lay upon the white floor tiles,
starring into the smokey air,
the pictures in front of my eyes begin to blur,
now all i see is the white flash,
hearing the fun blast and the screams,

Red liquid appearing before me,
my body as cold as ice,
heaver than stone,
Tomorrow i may be a stature,
but today i will look like something from the Ice Age,

I know this is it,
i know this is the end,
I wish my life didn't end like this,
but i don't wanna lose my stand,

Besides i did too many bad things in my life,
that i don't wanna live,
this may not be a prison cell,
but it feels like it,

If i could have a second chance,
i would do things differently,
i would live the life i wanna live,
not fearing what i have become

The End

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