My Story

Written on May 16, 2014

I worship my Savior

My Lord, My Christ

Don't fret, don't worry

This isn't a heist

I'm not trying to change you

This is only my story

Don't grieve of resentment

I'll try not to be boring


Now, you see I was a Christian

Until the age of 9

Baptized and happy

Thought everything was fine

Until one fateful day

My dad didn't wake

Put in the hospital

Death was his fate

I mourned and I cried

My life was turned over

My world


And day after day

I wish his life has stayed sober

My faith had been tested

Oh, I tried to believe

But in my young eyes

God turned on me


By 16 I had learned

Hate sorrow and drugs


Murder Rape Wannabe Thugs

Abuse Lust Guilt and Revenge

These are all bad things

The list never ends

At 16 it had marked

7 years of depression

No help, only me

Teaching myself a lesson

Cuts and bruises

Shattered dreams

A torn heart

At this age I could not start

My days, they began like an ending

My life still broken and shattered

I even tried to sacrifice

Myself to some sin

I had issues and problems

I thought "It won't end"


Yet year after year

I try to do what is right

And now at 17

I have Jesus Christ

In my heart, I welcome

It felt so very right

I finally past my test

When my mom got very ill

6 days in a hospital

I didn't know how to feel

My shred of faith put to a test

And when I accepted Gods plan

I did what was best

My mom came home

That very night

We talked for so long

Without any fights

You see I was deceiving

Hurtful and mean

When god entered my soul

I felt so very clean

The next day I went to think

Why did this happen to me

This must be Gods plan

It's all it could be

I have these adventures

My history is past

Now I can speak truth

That God is my path

He let me see darkness

Now he's opened the light

With him

I shall walk

Be by his side

I hope you're not bored

Of my story

Well, I am not fazed

I will preach of Gods truth

And the rough path that I took

Cause he is my Father

Savior, he is the Christ

The End

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