my sisterMature

the day she died

another long day.

another sleepless night.

another sweet, sunny morning in the hospital with the fresh smell of spring that almost allows you to forget that there's someone dying next to you.


you've been here all week, and now that the life support's off, you can almost feel her soul leaving her body.

you send a prayer to a god you don't believe in.

No Good.

you feel the life leave her now empty shell.

and you realize that the final object of beauty in your life, the last etching of what love+perfection truly = is gone.

and your heart screams.

and you don't notice when the scream leaves your mouth.

and you don't notice when the door closes.

and you don't notice that you've gone numb, that you can't feel the arms of the dark-haired, fair-skinned doctor close around you.

you say you'll get over it, but you know it's a lie.

you kniw it's a lie because you love her 

                                                       loved her

                                                       will never love anyone else

but if only she was still here to love.


The End

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