My Sentimental String

I seek no petty.

I am strong.

But once this blooming heart of mine wither,
I am intoxicated.

Completely intoxicated by old wining wounds.

I converse.

I am socializing. 

I can talk about anything your kindness desire,

The place you were born, your loving family, any other recalls!

But not about mine.

Do not ask me no reason.

For this doubt a one answer,

Mine are all torn.

Yes my good friend. You can talk to me.

You can talk to me about my rigid dreams and all, sing!

But do not ever play along while singing,

Not with my sentimental string.

If by any chance you are puzzled,

Seek my old familiar friend, the moon.

Cheers to you all..

  • Written in Tuesday, 5th January, 2016.
  • At 2:26PM
The End

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