My Senses And Emotions Are A Mess

Poetry, sweet poetry.

Words flow easily off my tongue, spilling out and making themselves known
I try to do what I aim to achieve again but it is only because it's who I am
How can I give advice, when my mind is littered with hate?
Lies and regret push through the barriers I place in my head
Easily destroying the careful picture of perfection I wear 
I am slowly falling, struggling to stand due to my own hypocrisy
I give you advice and tell you not to worry, when I am killing myself at the other end
But yet, I still won't dare let the world know how my emotions have been messed up
I can't apologise when the remorse isn't playing with my senses
And I can't say that I would, because something else dares to mess me around
Hate and pain and everything else that I always tried to avoid has come to me today
Ruining the plans I had, and making everything seem darker
But I refuse to switch on the lights, just because they're there
Hypocritical lies are still being fed to you, all the while
I can't help myself, being slowly destroyed inside
And nothing any longer makes any difference 

The End

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