My Senses

I don't think i could ever kill a person but i know i would pay for my crime. Karma effects us all.

I feel the tears streaming down my face,

I hear the sobbing that is all my own,

I see your face as calm as ever,

I taste the metallic flavour of blood,

I smell the bile I emptied from my stomach.


Slowly I awaken;

Tears are no longer in my eyes.

All I see now is the red of anger.

I go to my draw that is usually locked

To get out my protection.


I walk slowly down the hallway,

I hear happiness and laughter,

I kick down your door,

Now there is fear in your face,

But you protect her from me.


I smile a cold smile,

I tell her that I won’t harm her,

You’re facing your worst nightmare,

Something that has always scared you,

I smell your fear and grin.


I slowly advance,

Enjoying everymoment I can,

I smile cruelly as well.

I can almost taste your salty tears,

Their screaming how scared you are.


I feel the anger controlling my body,

I say I’m sorry but I am not weak,

That I will have my vengeance,

You start begging and apologizing.

I almost forgive you but then you say her name.


I pull the trigger,

You fall down dead,

I calmly walk out of the door.

I surrender to the cops,

I know I will pay for my crime.

The End

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