My search must go on

Do you know who you are?
Finding out who you are can be hard, especially if you don't know what you want to do.
Searching for who you are, or who you will become can be even more of a challenge.
But are you searching for someone?
Or for who you are?

As I stand here alone
Staring dead ahead,
It was difficult to find,
As I began with my search.

Been looking all these years,
And I still don't understand,
Who is was you were,
My search must go on.

Because I couldn't find you there,
Somewhere else I can look,
In the heavens or in the skies,
My search will go on.

One day I will find,
Who I started out to see,
Who I will soon know,
As my search will go on.

Until I can find,
Until I have found,
Just who I am to be,
My search will go on

The End

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