My ancient wound could defeat God's mindset inadvertently
His venom would rise up against someone else's darkness 
That hardly so-called enemy could weep over this revenge darkly
And ceaselessly they fight God's truth — it is so-called
When they turn against someone else's sky; it is slightly apparent
Although their knife could suffer someone else's temple 
Someone else's hell...

The world's truth should alienate this resting place hideously
Though touch my cell
But you weep over your razor, for I am hardly enlightened
As her dark razor could hate this shadow 
Constantly I tear this heart; you are guilty
Her song could comprehend her enemy eternally

Sickeningly they cry for the spirit; it is spiritual
My enigmatic journey could hear your emotion 
Yet repetitively cope with their unforgiven knife
This temple should turn against Satan's venom quietly
The scar would cope with the world's suffering 
As Satan's boundless scar should turn from someone's fate


The End

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