A Sonnet with an evil theme!

O thy Almighty, I wish to thee,

Don't hold my soul in heaven, for me.


'Coz when I lived, I committed sins,

of which I regret not, ever since.


I worship the satan over & over,

My demonic lord knows me more than you could hover.


I trust him more than anyone else,

'Coz he spares none, punishes everyone in hell.


It could be a game for you, but a question to me,

Why am I not in hell? when it is supposed to be.


My wish is my lord's agreement, I request thee,

to let my soul burn in hell, for the rest of being.


You'd wish I wanted better, but that's the best for me,

'Coz I can't stick my nose in heaven, with the presence of thee!

The End

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