My Safe Haven

There is a place to where I often flee

Where it's just I, myself, and me

I listen to the silence all alone

Because I enjoy being on my own

When I'm angry, tired, depressed

It is here that I find rest

Here no evils can come in

They cannot reach my perfect zen

The dangers of  the world melt away

And I am safe, at least for today

But sometimes I get lonely in this little haven of mine

I've created lakes so clear and gardens so fine

But no one can join me

No one can see

This little place to where I flee

So I suppose the safety in this place

Isn't as safe as I thought

And I suppose that my perfect zen

Has never ever really been

And the happiness, and pleasant dreams

might as well be dead

None of these are what they seem

They are all inside my head

The End

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