My relationship with my bed

Why do you beckon me so
to your realm of warmth and comfort
where escape to far lands
romance fantasy thrill and the unknown
so abundant
ah it is so hard to let go-
Companionship you provide
when I struggle to confine
to everyday tasks I must abide-
You don't mind extra company
the frolicking and mischievous activity
and always up for a snuggle
when I withdraw-hibernate
reading watching or aloft in my struggles-
You are the longest relationship I will never end
-well not voluntarily-
Be mindful when my days come to a halt
that it may come to pass by default
I may fall briskly in love with my coffin
It's mahogany sheen and lacquer glossing-
How could I deny its embrace
holding me dear against the world of fear
that looms when we vanish into that unknown space-
Ah do not deface or be disgraced by me
for I cannot help
I fall in love too darn easily

The End

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