My Redemption

My hopes, my dreams, my in-betweens,

are beginning to break and tear at the seams.

Happiness is what everyone needs,

But why has it forsaken me?

Cold , scared and awaiting my death,

as I sit here alone and take my final breath.

I see a vision of my past life's mistakes,

and slowly realize it's to much to take.

I fall into a pit of everlasting darkness,

Only to take blame, for I am who wrought this.

Why was I destined to break and take the fall,

 And why must my death make such a swift call.

Will my prayers be answered if I  show you my sins,

Or be buried in memories only to be repeated again.

Come hither and listen as I tell you my life's past tales,

For this is my redemption, measured on unholy scales.

I bid you farewell as I descend into the abyss,

Do not weep for me, for I need not be missed.

The End

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