My Radio Is On DrugsMature

I speak against mainstream media such as TV and Radio shows that are showing nonsense and the messages are brainwashing and bias. Radios are playing songs about drugs, sex and money. Leaders preaching on lawless agenda through radio. Radios are getting meaningless and stations deserve to shut down or burned.

My radio is on drugs

I hear songs from delusion, written by delusional people

Hallucination is their cloud nine, weed is next to them

Songs about dope, golds and hoes

Nothing but jamming a girl’s pussy

Smoking weed and sniffing cracks

Those are lifestyles, that is what they said

DJs are recording nonsense speeches and cursing on-air

Behind on-air, they jammed each other so hard

They gossiped on this artist and that artist

Too bad, everyone is chasing popularity

That is what they lived for

When they die, it is nothing

Nothing for them to spare

Their life has gone from the beginning of time

Bunch of robots and bitches used by the government

Preaching propaganda and biased agenda

Mesmerizing! I know, those words are just empty promises

In the end, they ask for taxes

They send radio waves for brainwashing

Those waves are destroying your brain cells

No wonder people are getting worst

No, they turned stupid!

Congratulations, you did your job with MK Ultra

Once again, congratulations for giving me a perception

A perception for not listening to the radio

My radio is on drugs

I would never listen to it

The End

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