My Prayers

i wrote this in 2011, 2 years after my grandmother died

Please take me to a place

that's surely made of love

Somewhere I can see your face.

a place thats far above

I dont want to be stuck on earth

for forever and a day

so god I ask you for some help,

to take my life away

I know just what i said

I only said words that i ment

I know this sounds so vile

But with my grandma is where 

I want my time to be spent

I really miss her now

I tried to hide the pain 

But now if I keep it inside

Im afraid i'll go insain

Lord, if i cannot die

please take away the guilt

for me not being able to reach her 

for a ladder too long to be built.

I hope my grandma is fine

up there with all the love 

of all her family down here on earth

just waiting to see her above

I know that she is with me

watching me from above 

she will forever be in my heart

until the day my heart is struck

For then she wont be in my heart 

she will be right by my side

hugging me for the years that were lost 

from the moment when she died

I wish i had this when she died

it would have been with her, buried

for then she would have known 

at that point that my hear was merry

Not because she was gone

but because she was out of pain

and for one day i will see her again

on my way up to heaven <3

The End

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