My Porcelain Facade

Little bit of creativity.

Why don't you notice I'm there?

When I'm sat, less the five feet from you,

My eyes glistening as I hope you see me.

As you turn and ignore my presence,

Denying the fact that I exist, I feel my heart break,

My mind shatter and my facade crack;

The porcelain mask falling from the face I hide away from the light of day.

I stop dead, my thoughts turning to what I did wrong,

Unable to function in the splendor that is your aura,

I cascade into a state of darkness,

The cold fingers grabbing at my arms,



My soul...

Now I wonder,

If I was the person you hoped for,

Would you notice me?

Would you find me in the dank cold and fill me with the warmth you project?

Or is that warmth for those of your class?

Am I so far below you that you no longer see me?

You talk to me,

You listen to me,

Yet you no longer see me,

No longer see the real,



Confused me inside the doll like outside.

So I ask you one last time,

Just to help me make up my mind,

What is it I did to make you like this?

Why don't you notice I'm here? 

The End

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