A stranger stops in the street,
I can't help but notice how beautiful she is,
She beckons me over and I look around,
Just to check she really means me,
And as I walk over my heart beats faster,
But I question myself,
When I finally reach her, she says too me,
I couldn't help but notice how handsome you are,
My name's Anna, you are?
For just a single second my heart stopped,
Could this be the moment I've waited for?
And as we stood and talked, I finally said,
How about I take you out tonight?
Here's my number...
But I never saw her again,
A phone call in the night too say, we're sorry,
The moment I thought could change my life,
Gone in an instant, a woman I had known for barely 10 minutes,
Taken from me by a tragic accident,
Tears well up in my eyes, but again i stop and question,

The End

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