How many lies did you tell this time,
Just so you could get what you wanted,
No matter what you do,
I'm the only one who sees through you,
The cover up, the lies, the deceit,
You play everyone for a fool,
But not me.
Everyone who calls you a friend,
Do you really thing they will say the same,
When I blow your lies away,
Will they see you for who you really are?
Or will it be me,
The one who gets hurt every time,
Who loses everything in one fell swoop,
As I can also see, nobody knows who I am,
Whilst you steal all the limelight.
I'm not afraid to lose what I have,
As I can easily get it all back,
Friends are meant to be truthful and kind,
But you're just a monster,
How can you sleep at night?
This ends now.

The End

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