I need you close, I need you by my side,
Don't go to far, as I need your energy,
Your energy that keeps me running.
But you say you can't feel the same,
And walk away, everything disappeared,
I can't move from the spot where you left me,
My energy has left me.

I need to move forward, but always seem in reverse,
Give me a sense of direction, so I can move on,
I reach out to passers by, to take my hand and pull me forward,
But nobody grabs hold.

Why did I even say yes in the first place?
I knew one day you would break my heart into a thousand pieces,
Be careful they all told me, he's a heartbreaker,
But I refused to listen and screamed,
He Loves Me!

Come back to me my love, my energy,
My life. Maybe things wouldn't be this way,
If I just for once listened.

The End

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