Everything is cold.

The night

The wind

My soul.


I see you approach.

Your eyes meet mine, filled

with darkness. Darkness that pains

my heart…

I stare at that darkness.

It burns through my being

and I long to bring back

the Light.


You start to talk.

Your fears find their way

to my ears.

You turn to me and ask,

that darkness getting deeper:

“Why can’t I do anything



I want to scream

“It wasn’t your fault!”

But I know you will

only hear it deafly. Thanks to

that darkness that covers your whole body.

Unwilling to let you


It tries to stop me, to push me away

But I refuse to budge.



With the blink of an eye,

you’re walking away.

I reach out my hand

call your name

But part of your darkness

has found itself to me.

It covers my mouth

It keeps me stuck,

forbidding me to follow;

to bring you back


I watch your figure


I feel the cold surrounding me

Leaving me here

in my very own



The End

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