Once upon a time
God gave to man
a certain little tool
to give them a hand.

Now this little tool
was special, you see.
For it only worked right
if they acted faithfully.

Only once they were faithful
the tool would show them, pointedly, 
exactly the direction
God needed them to be.

We all need Liahonas
with us by our side
to show us the way;
to be our own guides.

Stay faithful and true
and if you're ever in distress,
let this special tool
guide you from the wilderness.


I wrote this poem for a friend of mine who left for college recently. For those of you who might not understand this I shall explain. I am LDS, more commonly known as a Mormon, in one of our books of scripture (Book of Mormon) there's an object called the Liahona that God gives to his followers (Lehi's family) it pointed them in the direction God wanted them to go, BUT it only worked when they kept the commandments of God. So I was looking for the perfect gift for my friend and I found this beautiful, yet simple, Liahona necklace and I wrote this poem for her.

It brought her to tears by the way. Just in case you were wondering. ;)

The End

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