Missing Yesterday

It feels like
no time has passed.

I know, however,
that is a lie.

Because you're
not right beside me.

No longer here
to hold my hand.

I wander these halls
confused and alone.

It came way too fast.
I wasn't prepared.

I thought
it would never end.

I thought...

I'm missing yesterday.
I'm missing the sun.

Back when it still shined
With it's warmth and light.

That it brought
into my life.

I hate all this rain
that dampens my spirit.

I really wish 
you would come back.

With your rays,
glowing bright.

To dispel all this pain.
To come hold me tight.

I was always there
when you needed me.

Now where are you
when I need you here?

I'm missing yesterday.
I'm missing you.

Please come back
and please do it soon.

Before I too
give up on you.

The End

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