In My Arms

♫There's a storm that's raging over all of our heads♫

♫And the moon is absent, will the night ever end?♫

♫A sad, sad feeling has infected your heart♫

♫But you're in my arms and we will never part♫


♫Hold on to me while the arrows fly ♫

♫The swords ring loudly and the people cry♫

♫Duty-bound, you have answered the call♫

♫You have left my arms, brave and standing tall♫


♫Stand your ground for this world never quits♫

♫Keeping you on edge, always about your wits♫

♫Fight for what is right while evil teems and dares♫

♫Livid arms outstretched to you from everywhere♫


♫Long, long, your path has been♫

♫Every ounce of strength it takes for you to not give in♫

♫And here you are, finally you're at the end♫

♫Over mountains, under oceans and the furious wind♫

♫The evil flees and the world is free♫

♫Your arms are tired but at last you see... ♫


♫Cross the map and make your way back home♫

♫There are always good and bad, but family won't roam♫

♫Maybe some day everyone can live in peace♫

♫'til that day comes, know that my arms hold you without cease♫

The End

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