The Coming Tide

The Coming Tide


Stand fast

The tide is coming

I'm on my way

Don't drift away


On your lonesome

No place to call home

The walls intrude

Your thoughts delude


Your will was shaken

Now life feels hollow

The sun rose high

In the midnight sky


The curtains are closed

The windows are locked

The doors are boarded

Though danger not avoided


Fear is inside

High, or low

The cliff beckons

A fast doom reckons


Held in destiny's palm

A tear on your heart

Leave day and night

Live in eternal blight


Rather lost in form

My hand searches everywhere

Your spirit is burning

My touch is learning


Radiating danger

The pieces are volatile

But masterpiece can become

From the dust it succumbed


The finale awaits

A sky shooting stars

These pieces are priceless

And so wrongly lifeless


I gather them all

They burn my heart

They hurt so fine

They'll flourish in due time


At last, we've met

The sun and moon greet

Your voice is golden

Your heart I'm holding


The last puzzle piece

Wrought from the cages

A masterpiece could form

Though the piece remains sworn


The sun and moon die

Earth shatters to dust

What could have been

Chose to stay ashen


Sun and moon are lost

White and black eternal

Rhyme and reason gone

Nothing will carry on


Sorrow now invades

Your potential now wasted

A blade in my soul

Anguish takes its toll


My tears will change nothing

Happiness is impossible

When the masterpiece chose

To remain decomposed


Stand fast

The tide is coming

I'm on my way

But you've been swept away


Stand fast

The tide is coming

I'm on my way

Please let me stay...

The End

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