When You Hit Bottom

There is a saying by a famous US general

"Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom" (George S Patton)

These words could not be more true

And I've held them close to my heart, I still do

I spent all my life fighting the wrong battle

I spent all my life in an attempt to prove him wrong

What I didn't realize at all

Is I've been fighting far too long

I thought I could never hit bottom

I thought that learning to fly was enough

But I now have figured out

That doing so has been rough

It's not meant to be proved wrong

It's not meant to be deferred

It is only meant to be accepted

So that you know for sure when it has occured

Once it happens, you'll know

You'll probably shed some tears

But remember, you'll bounce

And go higher throughout your years

I'll say now that I have hit bottom

It is dark, it is scary, and it's hurtfull to all

But I'm going to bounce higher now

And no longer I will fall

I've sinned, and I've betrayed

I've lost, and I've quit

I've fallen down from it all

My past is not brightly lit

Through the failure, and the blame

I will now overcome

I will watch the ground shrink small

As I soar past kingdom-come

God as my witness

And my everlasting strength

He'll lift me higher

To my most greatest length

My love who I have wronged

Take my hand and heart

Please fly up high with me

Cause I've always trusted you from the start

My family so dear

Even though the pain you don't know

I'll bounce higher and higher

I'll recover, to you I'll show

Through studies, love, friendship, through life

I'll pick it all back up from where I fell

My God, I've bounced, help me fly high

Cause all of my hope, I'm not about to sell

"Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom" (George S Patton)

I now understand it all

I won't fight the wisdom

Instead, I'll now stand tall

The End

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