I am Fool

I am fool
These past few moons
I have only brought troubles
And pains

To be so dense
I cannot convince
The pain
That I sent you again

I upset your heart
I upset your mind
I even upset
Your love

So where do I start
What solution to find
To fix this broken love
That is mine

Space be the answer?
Maybe apology and grace
But none of these
Can truly end hurt

So no mend freelancer
Nor lighthearted prancer
Will ever be enough
To express

The apology I impress
The sorry I digress
And the deepest understanding
For not seeing your dress

I'll wait til you accept
My forgiving concept
And until your grace
I can't see your face

For I messed up too much
You deserve to be mad
But I'll wait for your forgiveness
Until then, I am fool

The End

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