New Years Kiss Was More Than That For Me

New Years will always be special
Cause it is now the best night of my life
You snatched my heart where it settles
And gave me the chance to later make you my wife

You're now my beautiful princess
You took my happiness higher than the sky
Cause you're different from all of the rest
You shine like the sun up high

Up in the clouds you take me
When you kiss my lips I adore
No other girl can have me
I'm truly rightfully yours

It's hopeless
There's no way I'm leaving you
I know this
That you and I's love holds true

Be mine forever please
Cause a great girl you are
I promise I do not tease
When I say your beauty goes far

You fit so perfectly in my arms
I suffer when you aren't near
Cause my soul and heart warms
When you are actually right here

No one is like you
No one else for me will do
I only, only want you
And hold you close forever too

The End

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