I want to sneak out with you

I want to see the stars with you tonight
The full moon that shows a beautiful fantasy
I want to hold your hand and we take flight
All through the night
Just you and me

I want to dance with you forever
Where we hold hands and stare into each others eyes
Leaving you is such an unfortunate sever
All through the night
Here on the dance floor

Let's sneak out together
Where we can go to the lake
In the calming night weather
All through the night
Where the moon reflects off the rippling waves

I want to take your hand
And we can stay up through the twilight
Where we can hold each other close
All through the night
You'll be in my arms

Let's escape our beds
And go out to the forest
And we can listen to nature's ballads
All through the night
I will keep you safe you see

We should sneak out tonight for the love we hold can't wait
It is too strong that I can't sit still and quiet as of late
I have to see your face again and hold you close as my date
Where you're safe in my arms, happy and free is your fate
I'll keep you warm when you are cold and keep away from you all hate
And you can be my queen with me
All through the night
You'll be the variable that fills the hole in my life's slate

The End

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