Everything I feel about my princess

From the tips of her toes
To the ends of her hair
She is 100% pure gold to me
I want to show her off for all the world to see
She is my everything
And for her I devote all of my care

She is my princess, my lady
The wind beneath my wings
Her voice is so melodic every time she sings
As if we were meant to be together
Her hand fits perfectly in mine
I know I'll love her forever

For the love she holds herself is sovereign
Her caring heart no one can match
She stole my broken heart and healed it right up
When I couldn't go on with what I had done
She shone on me as bright as the sun
And lifted me up when I was too weak to stand

My love her transcends all boundaries
Her heart is pure and her mind is spontaneous
Her fingertips put on paper her incredible personality
My fingertips write the poem that makes a duality
Of her and I together, it's all for the better
Bad things happen to her, I will make sure they never

After years of friendship, she still holds many surprises
It's never a dull moment when I'm in her presence
She has the best sense of humor
When she laughs I can't help but smile
The way she snorts when she laughs makes me laugh a while
And the best parts of it all I haven't even said yet

From the tips of her toes
To the ends of her hair
She is the very image of an angel
Her beauty is unmatched
Her heart is unlatched
And she threw me inside as her prince

The princess I speak of, her name is Katelynne
She has the deepest most prettiest eyes
And if that wasn't enough
Her cheeks are the win
How they play with my stomach
And give me butterflies

I remember the day I met her four and a half years ago
I swear she was and is the image of a Goddess
For it's in her name, her eyes, her very soul
She has beautiful flowing hair
A smile that shines everywhere
And a figure that seduces me in to a lull

Her gentle touch in my hand
Or a stroke on my cheek
Makes me shiver inside
For she is the love of my life
But what's the most magical of all
Is when her lips are on mine

It is heaven on Earth, that she chose me as her love
We bask in happiness and fly through the air up above
She is my sweetheart
I know I loved her from the start
Til the day we that we might marry
And beyond that, her heart, I will always carry

The End

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