Love Ladle

I must say, that night came as a hope
A hope that I figured I'd chase and not grieve
I hoped it wouldn't hurt her or sadness I'd cope
I speak of the night we kissed on New Year's eve

Before, we hugged and poked and even cuddled a little
That was when we were unsure and just liked each other
I felt like I was climbing the arm of a ladle
I'll tell you why and how it connects one another

I was broken up and hurting, stuck in the spoon part
So down in the dumps and surrounded by walls of despair
But you reached for my hand and pulled me to the rim with your heart
When all around us was the boiling stew of family and friends that get in your hair

Together, with each other's hands held tight
We looked up the ladle handle and up to the skies
We dared to begin the climb to reach the top we might
We started climbing and on each other we fixed our eyes

The climb up a ladle is steep and hard
Just like the recent events in our lives
But once we reached the top our happiness was no longer barred
For at the top it levels out and a great view it strives

All the others in the stew noticed it of course
But we showed them we loved each other so
I know that I have absolutely no remorse
For that New Year's night was quite the show

Now here we are together, happy as can be
Flying as high and graceful as a dove
So overjoyed in caring and sharing our glee
So drowned in this thing that is called love

The End

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