Seven Motions

You step into character
And you fly into Heaven
Movement is the narrator
And it says there is a count of seven

The first two mentioned up here
There is also five more
You can stand still with fear
Or you lay down when you are sore

Three more after this
You won't find them mad
You crouch and hide when something is sad or amiss
But you jump up and down with joy when you are glad

The last one is truly the most beautiful of them all
More powerful and strong than listed above
It's what you spend the rest of your life in, it's not a topic that's small
It's something that seems endless in bliss, for you FALL in love

That person that awakes all the other six motions in your life
That person who sends you in the bottomless pit of fellowship
That person who you fall for and let sink into you like a knife
That person that you take with you on the eternal love trip

That person will always be your favorite character
Will meet you in Heaven
That person who stands with you in the midst of your fear
Who lays with you to comfort you when you are sore
That person who shields you from fright and harm
And who holds your hand and jumps with you when you are happy

That person is more special than anything on the Earth
You fall in the pit of love with them, and love them for all they're worth

The End

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