You, In Front of me Sat

As you drift off in the night
Guided by Heaven's might
Stick not to the shadows, but to the light
Stay away from any evil in sight

If you die or get hurt before I get back
My strength and happiness would definitely lack
You are too lovely to lose, it's just a fact
Please be safe in tonight, be in one piece when you hit the sack

I want to say how much I love thee
But I don't even think it's possible you see
You are oh so very good to me
You make anything better times the power of three

You keep the peace wherever you go
I don't even think you really know
How awesome an angel you are, believe it, it's so
Your warm soul no one can overthrow

Be at peace on this cold cold end of day
For your best friend will be coming back to stay
For three weeks at least, it feels so far away
But it'll come faster once you hit the hay

Life would have sucked without you
You kept me happy and loved me from afar too
The feeling of your grace was not that far, it's true
You keep being the angel you are, nobody else will do

I love you like a hippie loves being high
The winter of fun is oh so nigh
We don't even have to try
Cause we'll make a very good time

But for now, I'll leave it at that
You know I'll write more in due time, maybe something more fat
Just stay alive and stay the pretty being that in front of me sat
I have to see you before the thing called life comes back

The End

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