Fog of Delusion

All of my poetry that I feel is worth posting... Enjoy! :)

A night full of strife
With no sense of harmony
Disolution and sorrow
Vain and 'morrow
Sadness and confusion
Bad tidings and omens
Still the night with fog
A blinding fog, of the future

The mind is not straight
But twisted and unformed
Twisted minds is a bad fad
Horrible dealings
Mysterious feelings
Moments of absolute thought tyranny
Stuck in a whirlpool of delusion

All the feelings of happiness feel so far away
You may even wonder what others will say
But life carries on
It seems to be hopeless
Understanding a vision of hopelessness
Sucks for sure
But the answers will come
They have to, they always do

... If they don't, then how do we still live on
The answers will come
One way or another
Sought through companionship, God, or deep reflection
But until the answers to the madness come
Anarchy will always be the unfortunate sum
And no matter your problems how stupid and dumb
Will be solved in due time, and in rule of the thumb...

Stuck in the whirlpool of foggy delusion...

The End

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