I awoke beside the girl I love,
And found I am glad,
I do not love her:
She makes me sad when she sleeps.

Were I awake,
I would be pleased to usher,
Her from my mind and soul,
So maybe I wouldn’t wake,
In the early hours to her melancholy.

Were I in love with her she would not be here,
For hers is a cruel thing to feel,
and she knows it is just so,
So she could expel me from her breath.

Were I not sad,
I would place her lips on mine and,
Hope she understands from the cold of my touch,
I do not love her.

Were I sensible and marvellous,
I would release her from me,
But we are like electromagnets,
With all the strength of bonds unbroken.

If I were the same,
And things not so, this couldn’t happen differently:
I do think I love her
But only in my darkest hours,
When she is asleep and I awake next to her

The End

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