A collection of my poems

Yet with a thought

I could conjure her to me

In all I am she could stand as bright as the Sun

And definite as the Moon.

How I envy how she may change.

If there is a thin line

Between love and hate

Why must she smile at me?

If I do love her

(It is possible)

Should I ask for her hand?

Or should I bite it off if the line is crossed?

If love is hate and

Hate is love,

I do hate to love her.

For she is nothing but what

I cannot comprehend.

Her eyes are the void I fall into

Uselessly into the black, cold nothing

But her. Arms wrap about me

Like tentacles and she is the great jellyfish

Hurting with every move.


I love the pain.

And the way she changes

Every second. How calming to know,

How terrifying to feel.

And she must survive,

Knowing I hate her existence.

It is all I am.

The End

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