The NightMature

As the sun dies behind the trees,

The shadows stretch their fingers to play.

Darkness spreads, blackening the land like a black velvet sea.

High above, the moon looks down, lighting all she can.

Her stars follow suit, twinkles of glass which catch the sun on a dark pebbled beach,

Trying to keep the darkness at bay.

Out in the towns, since prevails as it is the nights way.

All are asleep as the night awakens to play.

It stretches, it soars, it climbs buildings and limbo's under doors.

It dances with the moon as the wind makes the shadows sway,

Always close but never together.

The night creeps through villages and leaps over hills.

The night runs and plays as long as the moon allows.

Then, with the slim slice of daybreak, the night knows it has to leave.

It pushes back, wanting to stay up later, like a stubborn child on Christmas day,

But the day puts the night to bed, gently promising it of the fun to come

As it drifts of to sleep. 

The End

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